About Our Farm

We are the Clark Family, the proud owners of Red Barn Meat Co. We are a small local farm located in Malad, Idaho that specializes in providing high-quality beef without the use of growth hormones. Our passion for farming and our desire to share the joy of farm-fresh, tasty meat led us to start Red Barn Meat Co. Farming runs in our family for generations, and we are excited to teach our children the art and science of growing the food we eat.

We take pride in the opportunity to feed your family and understand that everything we do on our farm, from start to finish, impacts the meals and memories you will share when enjoying our beef. We raise our cattle with respect, and our all-natural farming practices reflect our commitment to sustainability and animal welfare.

We are dedicated to providing you with beef that is Respectfully Raised, All-Natural, and From Our Family to Yours.

- Red Barn Meat Co.

How do we care for our cattle?

We prioritize the health and well-being of our animals. We take great care in ensuring that they are fed a well-balanced diet, which directly impacts the quality of our beef. Our cattle are raised on rangeland filled with native grasses and mountain streams, providing them with a natural and nutritious diet for most of their lives.

During the winter months, we supplement their diet with locally sourced alfalfa, mineral supplements, silage, and grain to ensure they receive the necessary nutrients in colder weather. Our grain feed is carefully selected to help create the ideal consistency and marbling that our customers have come to expect from our beef. We believe that our commitment to providing high-quality feed directly translates to the flavor and tenderness of our beef.

Red Barn Meat Co.

Meet Colton & Tenille

We are passionate about raising delicious, high-quality beef. We understand that working together is key to successfully managing our farm. Colton is responsible for feeding the cows and bulls and calculating the tonnage of feed we need throughout the winter months. He works diligently to source all our feed locally, ensuring that we provide our animals with the best possible diet. Tenille focuses on watering and the finishing/feeding process of the steers, ensuring that they receive the care and attention they need to thrive.

As a family, we value the opportunity to work together and spend quality time while teaching our children the value of hard work and the importance of responsible farming practices. We believe that instilling these values in our children at a young age will prepare them for a successful future.

We take pride in the beef we produce and are honored to share the same quality meat that we enjoy at our own dinner table with our customers.

Red Barn Meat Co.

Lydia, Luke, & Emma

Our children, Lydia, Luke, and Emma, are enthusiastic helpers when it comes to taking care of our cows on the farm. Lydia especially loves the excitement of rounding up the cattle in the fall to bring them home for winter. She gets to ride her horse, Sundae, in the mountains and helps herd the cows back to the farm.

Luke enjoys helping his parents with feeding the cattle, and his favorite part is riding on the tractor with his dad. Emma, though she is little, shares her siblings' love for cows and gets excited whenever she spots them while driving down the road.

We are grateful for our children's eagerness to help and their love for farming. It brings us joy to see them learn about the importance of hard work and the responsibility of caring for animals. At Red Barn Meat Co., we are committed to teaching future generations about the value of sustainable and ethical farming practices.